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5 Brands That Skyrocketed Their Sales Thanks to Social Media Experts

Social media has proven itself to be a powerful marketing tool for brands, making it well worth the time, money, and effort put into using it. 

Some brands have really understood just how effective social media marketing can be, which shows in their skyrocketing sales. Here are 5 brands that have seen explosive growth in their sales thanks to hiring social media experts.


When it comes to boosting sales by showing transparency and authenticity, L’Oreal is a leader. This brand encourages its employees to use a special hashtag (#lifeatloreal) to show off the company’s culture. This is a strategy that has paid off and has been emulated by other brands as well.


If you were anywhere near the Internet in recent years, you have seen something from Dove’s Self Esteem Project social media campaign. This is a brand that has gotten help from social media experts to create a socially conscious message. They also created some viral hashtag campaigns like #nolikesneeded and #mybeautymysay.

Cancer Research UK

This one may come as a surprise, but the #nomakeupselfie trend that began back in 2014 was quickly took over the hashtag and raked in £8 million in donations. Their team’s quick response to a viral hashtag that aligned with their agenda ensured they would become incredibly successful financially.


When it comes to using Instagram for marketing, AirBnb has a very strong game. The authentic feeling of the content posted by this brand is inviting to people in a way that the content in the feeds of hotels would not be. A great use of hashtag marketing comes with using #livethere to promote their audience to live like locals do.


Lowe’s is a brand that has been taking advantage of social media across the board. They have a massively successful marketing strategy thanks to using Pinterest to inspire millions of followers. They also have an aesthetically-pleasing Tumblr page, along with an Instagram profile that uses the hashtag #proudmoment, so their customers can share their positive success stories with the brand.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Social media can be an incredibly powerful tool to boost a brand’s sales. When you hire social media experts to help with your marketing strategy, you are getting help from people who know exactly what to do to persuade people. By looking at what has worked for other brands, you can achieve similar success as well.