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Pinning Your Way to the Top

You might know that the social media platform Pinterest is the digital home of overly creative crafty moms across the country, but did you know it has 175 million active users and more than 75 billion individual pins posted to those user’s accounts? That means there is an entirely new audience to tap into when trying to grow your business.

As a late bloomer in the way of social media, Pinterest has forged an unconventional path to unrivaled success. In fact, the percentage of online shoppers that selected Pinterest as their favorite social media platform was 55%. Additionally, 67% of Pinterest’s users are millennials – the largest generational demographic since the Baby Boomers. Those are some impressive statistics, but what’s more impressive is marketing and advertising potential this digital platform presents.

Unlike platforms like Facebook and Twitter where users scroll endlessly and mindlessly, Pinterest users are actively seeking something intentionally when they log into their accounts. In one of their Pinterest Business blog articles, Pinterest staff point out that “The Pinner journey mirrors the customer journey, which means businesses on Pinterest can reach potential customers at every stage with the right strategy.” As a business, there are several ways to capitalize on Pinterest’s current wave of popularity so let’s look at the top three.


  1. Excellent graphics. Pinterest is a highly visual platform with pins having a half-life more than 1,600 times longer than a Facebook post. Users create “boards” that basically represent digital bulletin boards. Therefore, when creating content for marketing and advertising purposes, it is essential that high-quality photos and graphics be utilized. Routine stock photos and clip art aren’t going to cut it when it comes to catching the eyes of potential customers.


  1. Good clean copy. While you’re obviously going to be promoting your own goods on your Pinterest boards, you don’t want your brand to come across like a used car salesman – pushy and obnoxious. You want the text accompanying your graphics to be in a clear and readable font, and it should be written in such a way that it seems to almost be inviting pinners to come in and make themselves comfortable as they peruse your boards.Also, SEO (search engine optimization) matters on Pinterest. Like anything else on the Internet today, solid SEO practices in your content will land you at the top of Pinterest’s search results. Because users enter search queries to find relevant content, employing effective short and long-tail keywords is essential. It is worth your effort to figure out what terms consumers enter into search bars to find content and information related to your products or services. For example, most users enter question type queries such as “How do I…?” or “What is…?


  1. Create multiple relevant boards. No matter what product or service you provide, several types of boards can be created that relate to your brand. Whether it is an idea board or a lifestyle board, get creative in how you add your content to a board. It’s important to note that successful boards are those that have a wide variety of similar content that is not all related to just the board creator’s brand. As an example, if your company sells denim jeans, you could create several boards using subjects such as “jeans life,” “jeans fashion,” and “creative repurposing of old jeans.” Again, those are only suggestions, but you might be surprised by how many people will “pin” your content to their boards if it is visually appealing and provides an answer to their query.

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